Ego Export Engineering

internazionalizzazione pmi

Ego Export Engineering is the service designed for italian companies that need technical and commercial support.

The availability of expert mothertongue technicals and commercials, allows italian companies to establish advantageous business relationships with selected international buyers, in short time and without modifying the internal organization.

The export managers constantly seek new business partners and opportunities.

The engineers analyze the foreing buyers’ projects and needs in order to help italian companies to evaluate the request and prepare the quote.

A reliable, safe and replicable process, thanks to which you will be able toincrease the demand of technological, innovative and valuable products from international buyers


    Company profiling

    Drawing up of a document containing the company (key financial data, commercial, technical)

    Technical-Commercal Audit

    Examination of the technical and commercial business processes (Retrieved from the audit in ISO 9001)

    Company improvement plan

    In order to resolve any problems emerged during the auditing process

    Commercial Development

    Identification of the commercial targets and implementation of the research execution phase

    Constant support

    EGO support the customer companies for the entire duration of the relationship, in every respect: technical, commercial, bureaucratic and informative.

Who does EGO refer to?

Ego Export Engineering is the quick and direct access to the international market for all the companies willing to get in touch with selected and multisectoral foreign buyers.

The buyers are interested in metals, plastics, wood, marble and glass processing, as well as electric and electronic components and product and process engineering.

Mechanical processing
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Mechanical finishing processes
  • Chemistrty and thermic
  • Laset cut
  • Structural and medium-light carpentry
  • Hot and cold forming (forging, diecasting, progressive stamping, cupping)
  • Plumbing
Plastic transformation processes
  • Injection molding
  • Thermoforming
  • Extrusion
  • Thermoset molding
  • Elastomer molding
  • Production of composite materials
Furnishing & Contract
  • Wood processing
  • Marble processing
  • Glass processing
  • Produzione di infissi in legno, in alluminio, in legno-alluminio e in PVC
  • Wood, aluminium, PVC and wood-aluminium fixtures production
Industrial installations
  • Automation and distribution panels
  • Wiring
  • Electronic boards
Rapid prototyping processes
  • Plastic Rapid prototyping processes
  • Metal rapid prototyping processes

EGO searches for you foreign buyers interested in the italian know-how, and it manages operationally the international orders, proposing them to italian customers.

Thanks to technicians and highly skilled engineers, supported by mothertongue commercials, the Engineering Department is thebating heart of EGO.

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