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The MES service (Multi Export Service) is the service provided by EGO to the italian companies that produce Made in Italy products and look for support to export abroad.

The MES service rests on the professionalism and the expertise of an Export Managers team, specialized in the inernationalization of micro, small, medium and big italian enterprises.

The presence of mothertongue consultants ensures not only the proper linguistic skills, but also the cultural ones, necessary to give start to the business negotiations in any foregin country.

EGO allows its customers to be included in international markets, accessible only to accredited operators.

The service is aimed to different market sectors, belonging to these three macro-areas: Food&Beverage, Fashion&Beauty Care, Furniture.

How the EGO Export MES team works

The internal discussions inside the MES team and the constant listening to customer’s needs, ensure the correct choice of the destinatioon markets and the efficient positioning of the products, on target with the order’s requirements.

After an accurate analysis of the customer company, through a deepened company audit, EGO’s Export Managers take action to increase the foreign buyers’ number, through researches and “active” and “receptive” initiatives.


    Company Audit

    Analysis of the customer company, the pexport products, the production and organization processes, as well as price list and brands.

    Company consulting

    Strategic plan tailored on the customer company, in order to be competitive on the international market.

    Business activity

    Ricerca di committenti esteri, gestione trattative commerciali, supporto linguistico, partecipazione per e con i clienti a fiere di settore. Search of foreign buyers, commercial negotiations management, liguistic support, participation to sector fairs, for and with customers.

    Opportunities Management

    Offer formulation, constant and dedicated support, operativity monitoring with acces to a private area

Who does EGO Export MES refer to?

Ego Export MES is the easiest and most direct solution to discover and evaluate the most receptive international markets for the quality of italian products. The Export Managers analyze the areas that receive more requests in the foreign countries, directing customers to the most advatangeous markets for italian companies.

In order to allow a direct relationship with foreign customers, EGO organizes guided tour inside the client factories for foreign buyers, and coordinates the sending of sampling.

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