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internazionalizzazione pmi

EGO International’s mission is to meet the demand of foreign buyers and the offer of italian companies, ensuring concrete business opportunities.

Gianni Paganelli, Socio Titolare EGO International.

“Despite currency fluctuations, Made in Italy is unquestionably synonimous of a quality work, realized with style, accuracy and technical quality. Italians know how to work properly and this factor is highly appreciated abroad. It is incorrect to think of the international market as a lifeline or an Eldorado, but it rather should be considered a concrete opportunity, that may prove successful when the synergy between customer and buyer reflects the expected quality.
Export is directly proportional to the company quality and the production’s goodness. The more the company is competitive, the more is assured international success” – Gianni Paganelli, Associate Owner EGO International

EGO invest daily on professionalism, research and know-how, in order to offer the best solutions to the italian companies that decide to export their products.

Our service has the objective to allow also non-structured companies to export their products, and to make known abroad the quality of their products, saving time and costs.

Italian companies in the first place

In order to allow italian companies to sell abroad safely and reliably, we increase constantly our foreign sales network and we look for new partners that meet our customers’ requests.

For a successful export activity, we study new customized services, we support the companies in the foreign trade path, we help them in building relationships with foreign buyers, providing technical, commercial and linguistic assistance.

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