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EGO has available for you a team of highly skilled experts, ensuring maximum efficiency, transparency, reliability and expertise.

EGO represents an opportunity not only for companies, but also for the employees that have the possibility to get in touch with different business realities, to test their skills and to plan tailored strategies for the company, as well as to collaborate with professionals that work in the same sector, but also with those working in other offices, because collaboration creates the best results.

Thanks to our  team of professionals, constantly working, we are able to provide specific answers to the questions related to internationalizations and to offer a strategic view.

Export Managers and more

To this day, different professionals work in EGO International, specialized in specific areas.

Export Managers

They have the task to find out the most receptive foreign market for the customer company, givind technical commercial and linguistic support.

Mother tongue consultants

Mother tongue experts will help you in managing the relationship with the foreign buyers, so to eliminate eventual language barriers.

Technical Office

A teaam of engineers  collects the projects of the foreign buyers, it defines the bid request and helps the customer companies to carry out the product.

Market analysts

They analyse the capacity and the dimension of the markets, in order to provide estimations about international business chances.

Customer care

Maximum efficiency in responding to customer needs and in solving the problems they may ecounter.

Web marketing consultants

Web professionals will support you in the acquisition of potential customers, by using the web tools.

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