Import-Export between Italy and Turkey rises above 16 Billion

The value of trade between Italy and Turkey in 2011 increased by 28% and reached a staggering total of 16.2 billion Euros, the best performance in the last 5 years. The figures, which were released by Turkey’s institute of statistics (Turkstat) and revised by the Italian Trade Commission in Istanbul, put Italy in fourth place in the 2011 list of Turkey’s commercial partners. Total imports reached 240.8 billion Euros (+29.80% compared to 2010), while there were 134.9 billion Euros of exports (+18.5% on 2010).

The share of Turkish imports from EU countries in 2011 was 37.84% at 91.1 billion, showing variation of 26.25% on the previous year. Turkish exports towards the EU, meanwhile, registered 62.3 billion Euros, an increase of 18.4% on 2012 and a share of 46.22%. Iran is notable among other countries, with 16 billion Euros of trade and an increase of 50.17% compared to 2010, a figure that highlights Turkey’s attention towards this geo-economic area.

Italy has maintained its fifth place in the list of supplier countries, with a figure of 13.5 billion Euros, which represents a growth in the value of exports of more than 32% compared to the previous year. The corroboration of ISTAT figures, which are still partial and were only updated in October 2011, shows that there were seven sectors that most contributed to Italian exports: machinery and equipment, oil and its derivatives, vehicles and towage, chemical products, metal products, electrical appliances and non-electric household appliances, and textile products.

Source: ANSAmed

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