About Us

Since 15 years, EGO International Group puts in touch italian companies and important foreign buyers, with a strong interest for Made in Italy.

The company, leader in the internationalization of italian companies, was born in Rimini in 2002, thanks to the union of three different professionalisms.

The passion for Made in Italy and the desire to help Italian entreprises, pushed Enrico Denti, Gianni Paganelli and Stefano Scarpellini to give life to a project that would help italian companies to make their products known abroad, by counting on highly skilled professionals as well as on a solid and competitive group.

The internationalization professionals
What we do for you

EGO International Group always stays close to the customer. We constantly do for you: promotional activities, management of activities with foreign buyers, elaboration of sales statistics concerning the company’s products and the main destination markets, support in the management of the export-related documents and  management of relations with agents and international dealers. In addition, we offer constant updates on fiscal, financial and insurance regulations.

Many years of experience in the internationalization of companies has allowed us to customize the Export Service in two macro-sectors:

Cosa facciamo per te

The staff of EGO International Group strongly believes in the italian excellencies, from technical and mechanical sectors to the artisanal ones, including design, cuisine, unique in the world, and the quality of italian products. EGO wishes to offer customers the best business opportunities.

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