Multi Export System

Multi Export System (MES) is the service provided by EGO for Italian companies that produce Made in Italy products and want support to export abroad.

Multi Export System is aimed at different product sectors, mainly attributable to the following three macro-sectors:

The MES service is based on the professionalism and experience of a team of Export Managers specialized in the internationalization of Italian companies: micro, small, medium or large.

The presence of mother tongue consultants guarantees not only a correct linguistic knowledge, but also a cultural one, indispensable to allow the initiation and management of commercial negotiations in any foreign country.

EGO gives its customers the opportunity to be placed in international markets accessible only to accredited operators.

Come lavora il team Multi Export System

The internal comparisons of the MES team and the continuous listening to the needs of the customer, guarantee the right choice of the target markets and the correct positioning of the products, in target with the requirements of the order.

Following a thorough analysis of the client company, through an in-depth corporate audit, EGO’s Export Managers take action to increase the number of foreign clients, through ‘active’ and ‘receptive’ research and initiatives.

Who is the Multi Export System for?

The MES is the easiest and most direct solution to discover and evaluate the international markets most receptive to the quality of Italian products. Export Managers analyze the sectors that receive the greatest demand in foreign countries, directing customers to the most advantageous markets for Italian companies.

To allow a direct relationship with foreign customers, EGO organizes, for foreign buyers, guided tours within customer companies and coordinates the sending of samples.

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