Ego Export Engineering

Ego Export Engineering is the service designed for italian companies that need technical and commercial support.

The availability of technicians and commercial experts in the mother tongue, allows Italian companies to establish advantageous commercial relationships with selected international buyers, in a short time and without changing the internal organization.

Main types of processing
Mechanical processing
Mould and stamping construction
Furnishing & Contract
Industrial plant engineering

A reliable, secure and replicable process, thanks to which you have the opportunity to increase the demand for technological, innovative and quality products from international customers.

Team Engineering

The Engineering service is composed of a team of engineers and native-speaking commercial experts, thanks to which Italian companies have the opportunity to establish advantageous and lasting commercial relationships with qualified foreign clients in a short time and without changing their internal structure.

Engineers analyze the projects and needs of foreign clients and help Italian companies evaluate the request and prepare the estimate.

Export Managers are committed to the constant search for new foreign business partners and new business opportunities.

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