Smart Export

Smart Export is the service provided by EGO for all Italian SMEs and/or Start-ups that offer on the market a strong product of the Made in Italy character and who want to expand their business opportunities and look for new customers abroad.

Smart Export is designed for sectors whose products have a strong Made in Italy identity, which can differentiate on the digital market such as:

The Smart Export service makes use of the most important international e-commerce platforms and a team of Digital Export Managers specialized in digital internationalization, who will help the company create its own exclusive online exhibition space.

The presence of web experts and export managers guarantees not only a correct setting of the stores on the platforms and the relative creation of detailed product sheets, but also guarantees the linguistic knowledge, necessary to allow a correct international commercial negotiation.

EGO with the new Smart Export service gives the possibility to Italian SMEs and Start Up to be placed in international markets through the use of international e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and/or Amazon.

Smart Export as the service is articulated

Smart Export is the fastest, safest and most reliable solution to sell your products abroad.

Properly preparing the B2B and B2C platforms requires transversal knowledge ranging from web and graphic skills to business and language skills. It will allow you to save on the costs of qualified personnel useful to implement your company’s online presence. It will be like having a trade fair stand always open, with experienced Export Managers, who negotiate and sell your products for you.

The activities carried out at the Smart Export team will be in particular

Who is Smart Export for?

The Smart Export service is aimed at all those Italian SMEs and / or Start ups who want to expand their business opportunities and seek new customers abroad, through the strongly growing channel of digital.

Today, the possibility of exploiting exports through digital platforms will allow Italian companies to go abroad with low costs and to build their presence on foreign markets by taking advantage of the visibility of large e-commerce platforms ( and

Why Smart Export?

In Italy as well as in Europe, the trend towards online shopping is increasing significantly. In recent years, confidence in e-commerce has increased: there are more buyers and spending is greater. In Europe, 68% of users shop online. Outside of Europe, e-commerce is even more popular, especially in the US and China. In particular, Made in Italy exports on e-commerce remain in pole position for the fashion and food & beverage sectors.

Choosing to rely on the Smart Export service means choosing to BE THERE. Especially now, at a time when it is necessary to bridge physical distances, it is essential to find and be found by new customers.

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