The long-lasting relationships created thoughout years with foreign buyers allows us to ensure our customers a concrete business growth.

EGO’s Export Managers daily analyze the most suitable markets for your needs and plan a penetration strategy. We propose to italian companies only strongly interested buyers, putting them direct contact with the company and supporting them in starting the collaboration as well as for the entire duration of the business relationship.

Our Export Managers daily:

Select the most suitable markets for you

Develop a penetration strategy in the foreign markets

Get in touch with buyers and dealers

Promote your

Support you in the trade partnership

Offer you linguistic consultancy

How EGO International works

Our approch is the result of the work developed throughout years of experience in the field, always in contact with the italian companies. We plan a tailored strategy for the italian companies, that brings benefit to their business.

In order to successfully penetrate the international markets, is essential to analyze the company’s structure and organization and the product to be exported, as well as to select the markets that are most appropriate and structured for the goods, in addition to choose the best entry mode for the the destination country and the offered opportunities.

This is what the EGO team puts at your disposal, before and during the business relationship.

Italy has a great potential, thanks to the richness of active companies that wish to make their products known abroad, where the Made in Italy quality is strongly appreciated

To export your products abroad, experience, knowledge of the foreign markets and transversal skills are required, such as: knowledge of the language of the importing country, proper communicative, business and statistical tools.

EGO International Group grows daily, thanks to the trust shown by the customers.

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