Export Web

Export Web is the service that EGO offers to its customers for designing, structuring and implementing web campaigns, targets to the international business.

Nowadays, in order to be known abroad, a company must be present online with an optimized website, visible on all device.

The Web Marketing, indeed, offers great opportunities for the companies that wish to be successfull in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to a strategic and aware use of the Web instruments you will be able to be successful on the foreign markets in an innovative way, to attract attention for your company and your products, as well as to build awareness and trust in users/potential customers of the brand.

The Web professionals

For an effective communication activity it is necessary to rely on Web and Marketing specialists, because they have the right skills to make the web a resource of your business.

With us it will be easy for you to make your products and your business known all over the world, thanks to a strategic marketing plan, studied by our Web Marketing professionals.

Our Web Marketing Service

The Export Web service allows you to structure your online business, in order to support your export and increase your business opportunities. The strategic and aware use of the Web allows you to reach an higher number of users/potential customers, interested in Made in Italy.

Export-oriented website


Content translation


The Export Web service ensures an higher visibility to your company and your products, therefore, greater business opportunities.

The experience and expertise of our Web Marketing Specialists gives you reliable and transparent information about the online activity of your company.

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